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Tijuana Cartel(AUS)

Supported by Felicity Lawless

This is a past event.

Tijuana Cartel

Tijuana Cartel have been knocking on ancient Mesopotamian doors; who answered?  None other than ‘Ishtar’  goddess of love, beauty, sex, and war. What did she have on offer? A brand new tune for a download service of your choice. Tijuana Cartel are saddled-up and ready to hit the road

Their first release in a couple of years brings a generous dosing of heavy bass, haunting guitars and soul smashing beats. It’s a guaranteed floor shaker,  Just the first to come from a limited-edition vinyl release set to drop before their up-coming tour.

“We were just sitting on Carey’s roof top on the Gold Coast when Anunnaki aliens came and started jamming these beats with us” Paul George, The bands Guitarist and Vocalist on how the song came to fruition.

The band are gearing up for a national spring tour that sees them touring well into the Australian summer festivities…

Felicity Lawless

From the streets and tapas bars of Spain and bustling Japanese live music venues, to Australian festivals, malls, bars, hotels and restaurants, Felicity Lawless has delighted many diverse audiences with her journey through sound and emotion. Fusing world music and gypsy elements with folk and rock, her sound is characterised by a flashy, Spanish guitar style, soaring vocal melodies and hypnotic rhythms. She performs with an energy that elevates and inspires while infusing her crowds with enthusiasm and joy. Her band is comprised of amazing guitar and sound wizard Scott French and master of percussion Brennan Smith (both from A French Butler Called Smith) and bass groover Alex Elfes (Andrea Soler)