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soundlounge presents

A 50th Anniversary Celebration of The Doors

featuring Yes Sir Noceur | Thee End Less | TRAPDOOR + guests

This is a past event.

Its been 50 years since the release of The Doors self titled breakthough album.

We’ve put together some of the Gold Coast’s finest young bands to pay tribute to this amazing band’s catalogue of greats.

Support local music and celebrate The Doors @ Soundlounge on May 12

Yes Sir Noceur

If The Beach Boys, The Deltones, and The Atlantics somehow defied everything we know about anatomy and physiology and made a lovechild, and that lovechild made music, it would sound a little bit like Yes Sir Noceur.

The charismatic four-piece hails from the sunny Gold Coast and despite their relatively short tenure on the music scene, have gained a cult-like following of music lovers enamoured by the band’s surf-infused, psychedelic rock. Refusing to be pigeonholed, Yes Sir Noceur casually flirts with genres to transcend the prevailing psychedelic sound of the moment.

Following the release of Yes Sir Noceur’s first E.P in 2015, the gents have scored some prime television time on Channel 7’s Sunrise and ABC’s rage, had cameo appearances on Australian Surfing Life movies, received multiple award nominations and played countless gigs and festivals, all to high acclaim. With bright lights ahead and pure adulterated momentum behind them, the lads have headed back into the studio to lay down their second EP which they will begin showcasing from early 2017 as they make their way down Australia’s East Coast.

The band is composed of 2 Gold Coast born-and-bred brothers, along with 2 expats from Canada, all of whom share a mutual goal to create and share original music that bridges genre gaps.Their surf infused, sometimes psychedelic approach to songwriting appeals to the masses yet stays true to their uncompromised rock sound that at times could be compared to the likes of The Doors.

With bright lights ahead, and pure adulterated momentum behind them, Yes Sir Noceur are now embarking on expansion of their reach from the local, to the national arena.

Thee End Less

Gold Coast band Thee End Less explore the realms of the universe through the vehicle of music.

Their classic 60's vibe with a modern twist can't help but pay homage to bands like The Doors with their psychedelic sounds & dirty bluesy guitar riffs.

Frontman Nige Maunder will ease you into a night of mind expanding music.

Thee End Less are blues, rock, psychedelic and roots and their sound is just as the open sky above...........Endless.


Blasting out of the Gold Coast Trapdoor are hitting the music scene hard with their heavy rock riffs, dominant vocals, lively solid beats and grungy blues tunes. Their innovative sound resonates from each of the band members experiences and influences, reflecting a darker theme and classical sound.

These five lads are for the young and old, the rowdy and restless, the loud and proud and for every mo-fo who are looking to get loose on a night out. They are in for a whoppa of a year.

Get ready guys and gals they're- a-comin' for ya